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Top 100 Products - 2015 - Skid Steer Stumpiranha Top 100 Products 2015 - The AlignAttach

Top 100 AwardLEA Top 50 Products Award - StumpiranhaEquipment World Innovation 08 AwardTop 100 Products of 2012

Designing and providing the most advanced, highest quality,
excavator and backhoe extreme duty attachments on the market!

Celebrating our 16th year in business
providing innovative products made in USA!

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Products are available for Backhoes, Mini Excavators and Large Excavators from 6,000 to 300,000 pounds

All Sharc Technology Multi-Ripper Products "Multiply Your Money" by
increasing the effective performance of your machine by two size classes
and allowing you to do what you couldn't do before
thus saving you time and money!

sales@leattach.com for more information
or call us to discuss your special application 508-829-4855

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Our most powerfull product!
Multi-Ripper excavator rock frost ripper 
Multi-Ripper for ripping rock, frost, coral or stumps

“the best piece of equipment we ever put into service” “this Multi-Ripper makes our PC150 have the power of a PC300” – Kim Noll – Noll Pallet and Lumber – PA  12/15/14

Allows you to rip and scoop at the same time! 
Multi-Ripper Bucket excavator rock frost bucket
Multi-Ripper Bucket for ripping rock, frost or coral, plus allowing operator to scoop - 

“One of the best buckets I have ever bought”- Todd Edmonson- Kildeer, ND- 1/31/14- MRB- Cat 430E

Our most popular product! Increases your productivity!
Multi-Ripper Bucket excavator rock frost bucket 
Hi-Cap Multi-Ripper Bucket for loading and ripping rock, frost and coral

“It was awesome” “Bucket well Done”- Mark Smith, Smith Excavating Inc.- 11-16K special top HCMRB- 9/10/13

Provides 6 times the force of a standard bucket!
Multi-Ripper Talon Bucket
The Multi-Ripper Talon Bucket for narrow trench utility installation ripping

“These buckets are amazing, they are a life saver.  We can’t work without them”-JJ of Wade Works- Tioga, ND- 12/12/13- HCMRB JD 410J and JD160 and Hitachi ZX200

  Top of the line Money Maker! 
  Multi-DigNRip Bucket 
DigNRip Bucket excavator rock frost ripper
Multi-DigNRip and DigNRip Buckets for high production, ripping rock and frost  

“That bucket went through the rock like butter! We are totally impressed!” Chris Sneed – RCS Grading Simpsonville SC

Saves you time and money!

    V-Raptor Bucket excavator rock frost
V-Raptor Bucket for ripping rock or frost, prying bolders,slabs, ripping stumps and Vee shaped trenches

Just moved what you used to call my "single-tooth ripper bucket" to a job.  Still love it, what a fine tool! - Leon- Bel Espalier LLC, Litchfield, CT- Yanmar SV100- V-Raptor Bucket- 10/4/07

Perform unique jobs!

 V-Raptor Bucket For Wain-Roy

V-Raptor Bucket for Wain-Roy couplers
New Product!

Increases your penetration!

Multi-Ripper Tooth 
Multi-Ripper Tooth for improved ripping of rock, frost and coral 

“There is a night and day difference between these and regular twin tiger teeth. Now we can’t work without them!” JJ of Wade Works- Tioga, ND

Increases tooth tip force!
 Stag Rock Bucket for tough digging conditions
Angled Edge STAG Rock Bucket for digging and loading compact materials

“It’s awesome”- Mark Smith, Smith Excavating, Sumner, IA-  3/12/14- Stag Bucket- 11-16K special top


Greatly increases your productivity!

Stumpiranha excavator stump remover 
Stumpiranha for removing stumps

“We love it”- Leslie Weir, Jefferson, TX Stumpiranha- Cat 320 “B Linkage”- 5/1/13

Do what you couldn't do before!
 Skid Steer Stumpiranha Stump Remover 
The Stumpiranha is also available for skid steer loaders
New Product!

The most effective rake on the market!
   LEA Excavator Rake
Straight Rake for sifting or uprooting rocks or for land clearing 

“It’s a nice piece, well built and versatile as we have been able to use it for many different jobs.  The tines seem to be longer than other rakes out there” Rick Fowler- Solano Irrigation District- Vacaville, CA SR- Cat 314 12/4/14

Increases the functionality of your machine!

 Skid Steer Rake
Straight Rake for Skid Steer Loaders - Call for price
New Product!

Multiplies your money!

     Skid Steer Multi-Ripper rock frost ripper
Skid Steer Multi-Ripper for ripping rock, scarifying and land clearing

“This tool did everything that I wanted it to and more”- Pepper McPherson, Bailey, CO- SSMR – 5/30/14

Click on the below picture to find out more about our new product, the AlignAttachTM
The excavator quick coupler alternative!

AlignAttach - The excavator quick coupler alternative

Other Products Available From Leading Edge Attachments, Inc.:

This provides you versitility!
Wain-Roy XLS Coupler and Bucket
Wain Roy Bucket and Coupler for short rip radius and being interchangeable between brands  

Benefit from the high quality!

  Excavator Buckets
Standard Heavy and Severe Duty Trenching Buckets for loading and digging compacted materials

email sales@leattach.com for more information
or call us to discuss your special application 508-829-4855

Multi-Ripper Product Force Comparison

Products are available for Backhoes, Mini Excavators and Large Excavators from 6,000 to 300,000 pounds

Please know that adding extra plates or adding hard-facing is not necessary, and not recommended. Hard-facing can actually cause damage to the HARDOX material by inducing tiny cracks in the material, and will thus void our warranty. If any welding is required or desired, please contact LEA, Inc. Engineering for the special HARDOX welding procedure.

Other products including thumbs, grapples, skid steer loader buckets, ditching buckets - click here

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Products are available for Backhoes, Mini Excavators and Large Excavators from 6,000 to 300,000 poundsSome Downloads:
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Multi-Ripper Bucket Press Release
Multi-Ripper Bucket Press Release Picture

Wain-Roy XLS Coupler With BucketWoods Wain Roy CF Alitec GannonExcavator Buckets

Leading Edge Attachments, Inc.® is a design leader and supplier of high quality attachments and quick change couplers for tractor loader backhoes and hydraulic excavators . LEA, Inc. is leading technology to advance productivity by developing highly productive patented tools such as the award winning SHARCTM Multi-Ripper®, the Multi-Ripper Bucket , the Hi-Cap Multi-Ripper Bucket , the Talon Bucket,TM the DigNRip Bucket TM, the STAGTM Bucket , the Raptor Bucket , The StumpiranhaTM, the Multi-Ripper Rake , the Skid Steer Multi-Ripper , or the Multi-Ripper Tooth .  LEA, Inc. is also a supplier of other pin-on style backhoe and excavator attachments from Woods Equipment Company®, makers of Wain Roy®, Central Fabricators®, Alitec®, and Gannon® branded products, and high quality pin-grabber quick couplers.
All SHARC Multi-Ripper Products are made in the USA using Swedish HARDOX alloy steel .

How do I benefit?

They Multi-Ply Your Money!

They let you do what you couldn't do before!

They increase the effective size of your machine!

How do they do this?

These products rip rock up to 4 times faster than a hammer. They rip 10 times faster than a single pointed ripper. They greatly exceed all other designs of frost rock, or ripper buckets on the market. They rip to all depths leaving relatively flat bottom and side walls in the trench. The staggered shanks on an arc hit one at a time allowing the maximum breakout to be applied to each tooth. The tooth force is about 8.5 times that of a standard 5 tooth bucket because the shanks are short. Also, the shanks are the same distance from the stick pivot, so the shanks rip a relatively flat bottom.

Why should I believe that it works?

These products have been proven over the past 13 years and have been granted leters patents in the US and in many countries throughout the world. These designs won several design awards. Many customers have claimed this is the best attachment I've ever bought. See the endorsements

Leading Edge Attachments, Inc. Products
Leading Edge Attachments, Inc.

"LEA, Inc. has brought a whole new dimension to rock excavation. As a utility and excavation contractor, I have purchased several large Multi-Ripper Buckets from Leading Edge Attachments. I have been amazed at the productivity that we have achieved with these buckets. They named the company correctly, because they are on the LEADING EDGE. In my 38 years working in the construction industry, I believe the Multi-Ripper Buckets are the greatest advance I have seen for excavating rock. LEA, Inc. has always done whatever it takes to satisfy me as a customer. I am proud to be associated with such a fine organization." 
Ronnie Lewis, President of Lewis Contractors, Georgetown TX

"This new bucket is our new secret weapon. This is the best investment our company made during 2008 hands down. I have had people drive 150 miles to see this thing work. I need a quote on the same bucket for a Kobelco SK290 LC IV."  
Rod Blake of Blake Construction, Fort Smith, AR

The Multi-Ripper is just terrific! We were skeptical at first, but when we saw it work, we were amazed! This blue shale is hard stuff and we have been getting great results! It is the absolutely best attachment that we have ever seen!             
Darren Garcia, Otero County Road & Bridge, Swink, CO

email sales@leattach.com for more information
or call us to discuss your special application 508-829-4855

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